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Thursday, 8 October 2015

I Found Them Twitching

Track 10 of "Pendulum Pet":


It's seeping through my body
It's oozing through my brain
I can't unsee the blight and
It's driving me insane

No way to close my eyes and
Too late to turn away
The time from here on out will
Keep feeding my dismay

'Cause I found them twitching oh no
'Cause I found them twitching oh no no

Attempts to disremember
And hopes to disregard
Just fuel the searing blaze
And feed on the corpses charred

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Mastering of "Pendulum Pet" done!

I'm happy to report that the mastering of Pendulum Pet, the upcoming full-length album by the alternative / prog rock band Cynicism Management, has just been finished. I'd like to thank Borut "Torul" Bernik @ for a superb job. I'm absolutely positive that the collection of eleven new tracks, clocking in at just over an hour, will make for the best Cynicism Management release to date.

So here is "Quickening", the last track on the album - an instrumental coda or "outro":

More tracks coming soon.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pendulum Pet Teaser Excerpts

Here are some (pre-master demo) "teaser" clips from the upcoming Cynicism Management album Pendulum Pet. The release is planned for October.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

"Pendulum Pet" mixed

The mixing of the new full-length Cynicism Management album, entitled Pendulum Pet, is finished, and the tracks are off to mastering. The release is planned for October.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Finished recording "Pendulum Pet"

We've just finished recording the vocals for the new full-length Cynicism Management album, entitled Pendulum Pet. The final and polished mixes should be ready in a couple of weeks, and then the material will be off to mastering. The release, consisting of a total of eleven tracks, is planned for October.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

First draft of "Pendulum Pet" complete

I'm overjoyed to report that yesterday I finally wrote "THE END" at the very bottom of the first draft of "Pendulum Pet", my second novel (after my debut, entitled Cynicism Management). I concluded the novel with a short epilogue after a surprising writing spree which happened to me (of its own volition, it seemed) on Tuesday, when I managed to sit outside all they long, typing away until I had the entire 6000 words that now make up the very finale of the novel.

On the balcony, where I kept freezing my posterior off in this quasi-spring in Berlin, having my way with my wife's satanic laptop, I enjoyed the company of an inflated yellow bastard named Hans, our neighbour's currently still nameless donkey, and some figurine that the neighbour had found in a Müllhaufen somewhere (which would be a German word for "a pile of garbage", and I find it - the word, I mean - particularly funny for some reason). As a reward for coming up with 5000 - 6000 words in a single writing session I got a nasty whiplash in my right shoulder.

Once again music will be composed for the novel as well. In fact that's already been done, but we have yet to finish recording the vocals and then go through all the post-production torture. The same goes for the novel: I have to re-read it now and polish it a bit before sending it to a few pals who have volunteered as "alpha testers". Should anyone else wish to receive the pre-publication manuscript and provide feedback (either the upcoming first revision or the second revision, which should be ready sometime in the autumn, probably), feel free to drop me a note.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Aperçus by Ray Kosmick released

Aperçus, a full-length instrumental soundtrack album by Borut Praper, a.k.a. Ray Kosmick, has just been released. Most of the tracks on this album were written for the Survarium Music Contest, opened by Vostok Games, which called on the game community to produce music for the massive multiplayer shooter Survarium. The competition was in two categories: covers of the game's main theme, composed by Vladimir Savin - Dargalon (first prize); and new original tracks for the game (multiple second prizes). The winners were selected by the developer and will be included in the game soundtrack.

Ray Kosmick's original track "Nightfall 2" received one of the second prizes; while his cover of the Survarium Main Theme received the first prize and was the main winner of the competition.

All tracks on Aperçus written, arranged and recorded by Borut Praper (a.k.a. Ray Kosmick), except for Red River (an "online" collaboration between Borut Praper and the Slovak composer/producer Alex Turčáni - Alyctro and another entry for the Survarium Music Contest) and Survarium Main Theme (original theme composed by Vladimir Savin - Dargalon). The album also includes a few recent works (Fractures, Backyard Barry and Fractures Rend) which have not taken part in the aforementioned competition. All of the noise (except for Red River) made by Ray Kosmick, be it organic, synthetic, electric, acoustic, or any combination thereof. Produced, mixed and mastered by Ray Kosmick in S.U.R. Studio, Berlin, in 2014 & 2015. The cover artwork is a screenshot from the film Nosferatu by F.W. Murnau (1922).


Borut Praper - music, arrangement, production, mix, mastering; drums, keyboards, bass, guitar, percussion, programming

Survarium Main Theme:
composed by Vladimir Savin - Dargalon

Red River:
Alex Turčáni (Alyctro): original idea, music, production; guitar, bass
Borut Praper (Ray Kosmick): arrangement, production, mix, mastering; drums, keyboards, additional music, bass & guitar

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Final tracks for the Aperçus album

Here are the final two tracks for the Aperçus album by Ray Kosmick (to be released later this month). Actually it's one track, but Fractures Rend is a slightly reworked excerpt of a longer composition, entitled Fractures. This was done because the shorter "cut" wraps up this rather diverse (loose?) collection of tracks nicely, while the complete Fractures will serve as the opening track.


Monday, 9 February 2015

New Ray Kosmick track

Here's a new Ray Kosmick track, entitled Backyard Barry. I've decided to record a couple more and release them, together with all of my original contributions for the Survarium Music Contest, on a digital album entitled Aperçus I (just stumbled upon the fancy French-origin word recently, so I might as well make use of it :))