Saturday, 13 July 2013

CYNICISM MANAGEMENT - THE NOVEL officially published!

It finally happened - after roughly three and a half years of work, of which writing the actual story was definitely not the hardest part at all, the novel Cynicism Management finally saw the light of day! Only as an e-book, of course, but nevertheless. I would hereby like to thank the British e-book publisher Aventura eBooks for publishing it despite the slightly unorthodox idea behind it and the fact that the publication must have involved some pretty annoying technical issues.

The reason for this is that Cynicism Management is a "literary musical" experiment – a novel which also contains, or refers to, music by two (more or less fictional) bands - (Cynicism Management and Ray Kosmick And His Porn Groove Crew). Since currently not all e-book formats support embedded audio, the publisher decided not to include the songs in the book itself. Instead they included links at the end of the book, pointing the readers to the music. Of course, everybody can easily find the music online themselves, as all of it is available on the internet free of charge. The places in the text where certain tracks should be "played" are quite obvious and have also been clearly marked. Of course, the novel can be read without ever listening to a single note – the music is only there as spice, or a kind of an "Easter egg" thing, and it can either be enjoyed with the novel, independently, or ignored completely.

The novel is available in the Aventura Bookstore as well as on Amazon, Kobo, and in other major e-book stores.

The music that goes with the novel is available at the following links and can be downloaded free of charge and "fuss free":



An additional "track", or rather, sound effect, quite relevant for the conclusion of the story, can be found on SoundCloud. It's just something extra for those olden, or should I say, "rather vintage" C-64 fans among us.

Both bands are also on SoundCloud - here (CYN) and here (RAY). New material by these "bands" also keeps appearing here as it gets recorded.