Monday, 28 June 2010

Zee first gig!

OK. We have now officially survived our first live appearance. I (the drummer) didn't fuck up anything, miraculously, but I was quite unstable during the second track, because the sound guy blasted me with bass (the player of which relies on my poor judgement, to boot, so the bass player AND I got monumentally confused, feeding each other back into a case of "what? should I be quicker? should I be slower?" conundrum during the time we didn't hear any metronome). So we're not receiving any bonuses nor any fees for our immortal performance. Neither is our singress, because she screwed up a single line. Neither is the guitarist, who screwed up a single entry. Neither is our keyboard player, for his MacBook, in spite of all its apples, fucked up and decided to skip about one third of a second, stupid machine that it is. Our Mala the Rock 'n' Roll Bitch got laid, even caressed, thereafter (we sincerely hope) by Attila the  Doggie,  and her otherwise wheaten hair became green (?) for some reason (we suspect it was the moss below the benches, but, hey, let's let mysteries be mysteries). But, all in all, we're good. Here are some photos:

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

SETLIST: Barakafest 5 (26 June 2010)

Here is a setlist of the tracks we'll try to play without injuring ourselves too badly in the process at the Barakafest 5 gig on 26 June 2010:

1. Four-Circle Penile Substitute
2. Bad Bad Boy
3. Touring My Backyard
4. TV Turns On You
5. Whence She Came
6. Another Place Another Time
7. Life Malignant
8. Iniquity

To hear the tracks head on to SoundCloud:

or use the player above.

Lyrics can be found on the LYRICS page.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New guitarist!

Well, I'll be damned, we miraculously managed to find a new guitarist willing to play some power chords in very unusual time signatures! His name is Enej Demirović and he'll take the place of Jan Urbanc, our previous heavy metal guitarist who got a bit too lucky with his wife and got pregnant (OK, OK, in reality it was a meticulously planned affair, but he was quite... erm, prolific... and managed to accomplish the goal in the first try, it seems).

Currently it is not yet known whether Enej will simply kamikaze onto the stage on 26 June after just one (1!) practice session with the whole band and join us for the first live gig, the Barakafest 5... Or if we'll opt for a somewhat less suicidal way out and, just this once, give the job to the keyboardist's MacBook instead?

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Recording done

Wrapped up the recording of the final vocals, so all the tracks are done. Now for more band practice, then possibly the Barakafest 5 gig (if it doesn't rain, I suppose)... July is vacation time, yippee! Then the final mixing starts in August, and mastering, hopefully, in September.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New demo

New demo now on SoundCloud:

For tracks currently on SoundCloud head to

Friday, 4 June 2010

The first gig confirmed

The first live appearance by Cynicism Management has been confirmed. We'll try not to fuck up too badly on 26 June 2010 at the BARAKAFEST 5 festival, taking place near Zalog on 25 and 26 June. Our drummer is already bitching because he will be unable to play his own rather elaborate drumset, which might result in certain unusual improvisations that the other members of the band hope not to be too confused by. We may also be forced to appear without our heavy metal guitarist, as he is pregnant and due to give birth around that time :) His replacement is already studying the tracks, but it remains to be seen whether he manages to figure it all out on such a short notice.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Recording final vocals

Currently we're recording the final versions of the vocals for the upcoming album. Hopefully this'll be done in about two weeks, for it's quite a pain in the posterior... :)