Wednesday, 13 October 2010

FINISHED TRACKS > Another Place Another Time

The first finished track from the upcoming album Tit has just arrived from mastering:

Another Place Another Time by Cynicism Management



A fading vision
I still roam this darkened city
Altered and disguised
Stranger streets
With every season
As I sit there unperceived
And ponder our demise

Turned the tides

And wasted many months of
Slipping grips on what we thought
That some day might become
Something has gone
And hastened by while I
Returned time after time
To glimpse the things undone


Another place another time
Oh we used to be whole
Another place another time
Oh we used to be whole

All those long lost

Trains of thought end up
Derailed as I blend finally
With shadows you can't see
There I remain
A distant grain of memory
An epitaph a footnote
Signed yours respectfully

(CH 2x:)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Yay, mixing done!

The day is finally here: mixing is done, jeez, what a pain in the behind it was... Maybe the next album should be less maximalist, less baroque, not so excessively intricate... Yeah, sure.

Anyway, today the tracks are heading into mastering, which will be taken care of by our pals at 808 Mastering

Yippee... maybe I can finally work on something else for a change :D