Monday, 12 September 2011

New guitarist... again :)

Looks like we haven't been very fortunate with our guitarists... After Jan Urbanc got pregnant last year and was replaced by Enej Demirović, we can now also confirm that our (now already former) guitarist-in-chief Aljaž Tulimirović has retired from plucking strings and soloing over rather unorthodox odd-time chord progressions. He wishes to focus on his highly complex (as well as incredibly complicated) personal life, and we will, by no means, attempt to stand in the way of such a thing :)

However, we're very happy to report we won't even postpone any of the gigs already announced, since, fortunately, the work with our new lead guitarist Andrej Babič is already well underway. So it looks like we're still playing in Ljubljana (Orto bar) on 21 October and in Koper (MKSC) on 5 November.

We certainly hope we have a solid team now, as constant crew changes tend to put a dent in the unbridled optimism we're so famous for... :D