Friday, 31 August 2012

New demo clips!

Demo of the upcoming Shadow Chasers EP. Vocals have not been recorded yet, so the mixes are just rough outlines, mostly intended to demonstrate how, approximately, the drums, recorded live in a studio in Izola, are going to sound.

Contains clips from the tracks Virtual Outcast, Happy Place, Derelict Playboy Blues and Shadowcasters, which are all going to appear on the Shadow Chasers EP sometime in 2013.

Shadow Chasers EP (demo clips, no vocals) by Cynicism Management

Monday, 13 August 2012

The 2012 Drum Recording Marathon finally over

The 2012 Drum Recording Marathon, which I was fortunate to be able to undertake in a friend's studio, is finally over. I say "finally" because I'm sick and tired of recording drums for once in my life. I never thought the day would come when I'd say such a thing, because obviously it's pretty awesome if you have unlimited access to a fine collection of fancy mikes and studio equipment to record live drums free of charge by yourself any time you want. However, during the last three months or so I've recorded drums for 5 new Second Chance Blown tracks, 5 Pudding Fields tracks (2 new songs and 3 "remakes"), 5 tracks for my ongoing collaboration with Vojko Aleksič, 12 old Cynicism Management tracks for a potential future re-release of our debut album Tit, and, last but certainly not least, 15 new Cynicism Management tracks for the upcoming EP and full-length album, which are already in the works. So altogether that makes... what... 42 tracks! Nice, a meaningful number ;)

Anyway, I'm not posting this info here in order to brag (at least not too much, though I am indeed very happy with the results of the extended recording session... :)) It's just a little "note to self", as this blog is a neat way to keep tabs on work-in-progress projects, timelines and such things... And I can also post pictures to remember places by! Because on Saturday I packed up my drums and the rest of my equipment and moved out of our studio / band practice room in Izola. I started wrapping things up and tying up the loose ends well ahead of my planned permanent relocation to Berlin in October, and this was one of those slightly unpleasant and regrettable things I had to do...