Sunday, 4 April 2010

The paving of Vilewood Road, part II

Here's a little video... errm... Let me rephrase that. Here's a totally unnecessary video of our guitarist recording the kazoo for the track The End of the Vilewood Road, which will presumably be the final monumental work on our upcoming album. We are only posting it here because somebody told us that people usually passionately prefer little videos to walls of endless text. How that is possible - should it be true at all - we will never know.

So, without further ado, here's Aljaž and his slightly out-of-tune kazoo:

Without the context of what Aljaž is supposedly hearing through those earphones he's wearing it is probably hard to imagine what the hell this annoying little kazoo tune is all about, anyway. Therefore we're also posting an instrumental demo of the track (vocals have yet to be recorded). Mind you, this is a work-in-progress unfinished version of the song with certain parts still missing (like vocals, for example), so things are probably still a bit off and askew for now. But you'll get the idea.

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