Saturday, 12 February 2011

Epic Tales of Cynicism Management (the novel) deleted

This blog used to contain a "work-in-progress" novel entitled Epic Tales of Cynicism Management. The text is currently being revised and finalised, so due to practical reasons we've decided NOT to publish any more of it here, and all the old draft chapters have been removed. The "online" blog version of the novel has been discontinued. Anyone who'd like to read the complete draft of the novel when it's finished (probably in a couple of months) and possibly comment on it, please drop a comment here or e-mail us at cynmanagement[at] Any input will be very much appreciated and taken into account at the finalisation stage.
The blog has been redesigned and will, until further notice, only contain posts relevant to Cynicism Management (the band). To listen to the enchanting tunes use the music player above :)

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