Thursday, 10 November 2011

Gig: Orto bar, Ljubljana

The gig in Orto bar, Ljubljana, on 21 October 2011, would have been great, if our sound guy didn't arrive two hours late, and a total nervous wreck at that. Hell, we don't blame him or anything. He'd had a terrible day, he said.

Well, what can you do - consequently the sound sucked donkey balls, of course (especially the vocals were nowhere to be heard). The drums were supposedly very loud but sounded very good, probably because the Orto bar's "resident" sound engineer did a good job taking care of that (thanks a heap, Boban!) while our own sound guy was still busy being horrendously late. OK, so some people thought drums were far too loud. Ah, well, can't please 'em all...

Fortunately we all use in-ear monitoring, so we'd been blissfully unaware of the technical problems for a while. However, once we found out that the sound below the stage was quite bad, we couldn't help but showing that on our faces, and the problem was probably also hinted at by our slightly annoyed demeanour. So, yeah, after the concert some people thought we'd had a bit of a "negative" attitude: well, I say, a good ole "screw you guys" to you – you haven't seen anything yet. I think we were even far too laid-back, nice and polite – not nearly negative enough!

Furthermore, I'd also like to send a firm "fuck off" to all the people who thought my drumming was too loud – fucking hell, how am I supposed to turn the volume down on the acoustic drums and cymbals?! What the hell, you pensioners want to enjoy some kind of a pleasantly unobtrusive lounge music easy jazz progressive rock metal, while chatting with your pals and sipping on cocktails? How the hell does that compute? Besides, once again: I'm not the fucking sound guy, so I can't change the fucking volumes, especially not while playing! I apologise profusely for not also taking care of the sound below the stage while sweating my ass off pounding on the drums!

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