Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A three-part update

Ouch, haven't posted anything here for a while... Been busy. I mean it, I'm not just making up excuses - had to work a lot (I actually have a day job that pays the bills and funds the arty farty stuff), rehearse with the bands, kill a bunch dragons in Skyrim, and dig a heap o' mines in Minecraft... You know how it goes. And, woe is me, I intend to become a sith inquisitor in February, when I'm back from a little vacation I have planned. Hope we don't make it big until then, so I have the time to hit level 17 in about a month (considering the pace I'm usually able to play computer games at :))

Anyway, here's a bit of an update on stuff related to Cynicism Management.

1) GIG - METELKOVA, Ljubljana
The first gig with the new sound engineer, so no problems in that area this time. All in all it was great, although in terms of numbers the audience was rather... erm, less than considerable :) Unfortunately we played quite early and there was another concert next door. The gig got a very cool review in Profanity webzine, though.

A couple o' pics:

More pics over here.

A video says a thousand words:

The concert was recorded with a Zoom H2n in mid-side mode, and later processed a bit. So nothing fancy, but quite bearable.

Head to YouTube for three more videos (Four-Circle Penile Substitute, Another Place Another Time and Tit). A bunch of pics are over here.

Finally found a native speaker willing to read the Epic Tales of Cynicism Management novel and give feedback. A writer, at that. Hope he doesn't hate it :D

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