Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Well, I'll be damned...

Well, I'll be damned... When I thought I'd seen everything already, Facebook actually threatened to ban the administrator of our band page there and took it upon itself to simply delete the cover of our album, as it was supposedly pornographic. Of course, I understand – any hand-drawn breast adorned with a tattoo depicting comrade Satan may lead to impure thoughts or, gods forbid, insult someone. Naturally, the fact that Facebook is insulting the hell out of any common sense that anyone's got left in this world doesn't matter one iota.

Therefore we were forced to – if we wanted to keep our band page at the site of those capitalist bastards and puritan hypocrites, where we all "socialise" so nicely, allowing them to reap huge profits on our account, gather our personal information and force nauseating marketing ploys down our throats – also delete the other disputable little sketch of a breast drawn by the malevolent mastermind pornographer Matej Peklar. Due to the second ban threat, received because the evil administrator of our band page on Facebook kept posting links containing this blasphemous artwork of Satan Himself (i.e., links to the album, published elsewhere on the net), a few recent links containing this abomination had to be deleted, too. At least as many as we thought would appease the wrath of the powers that be.

In light of all of the above we are hereby sharing with you the nice, censored versions of the previously obscene cover and inlay pictures. We're wondering whether this, at least, will remain under the radar of what must be Facebook's enormously efficient tit detection algorithms. Imagine if they spent all the money we make for them on something meaningful!

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