Monday, 15 November 2010

FINISHED TRACKS > Four-Circle Penile Substitute

Here is the master of the third track from the upcoming album Tit by Cynicism Management:

Four-Circle Penile Substitute by Cynicism Management


Such display of sound and vision

I've got what it takes
No indecision
I don't make mistakes
I own highways roads and side streets
Alleys know my name
With utter precision
I'm driving them insane

I'm the smartest smoothest best

Way above you and all the rest
I stop for no one
I am like the wind possessed
Every day I rub and polish
That which makes me me
All I can wish for
And everyone can see


All my life I wanted these four circles
Greeting me each day, greeting me each day
All my life I wanted these four circles
Taking me away, taking me away

Then one day some stupid cunt

Dares to make me swerve
I stop for no one
Damn she's got some nerve
Then the circles of my life
Get stamped into my head
Now I'm the greatest
Even though I'm dead


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