Friday, 19 November 2010

FINISHED TRACKS > Life Malignant

Here goes No. 6 of 12, an exceedingly sunny and optimistic track, simply radiating the so-called "positive energy":

Life Malignant by Cynicism Management


Every day and every weeknight

I get more cancerous
Each endeavour every stage fright
Gets me cancerous

Every weeknight

Every stage fright

Every time I close my eyes

I get more cancerous
Sometimes I get caught by surprise
And get more cancerous

Every weeknight

Is the same plight

(CH:) 2x

Sleeping pills say let go
But reason murmurs don't know
It's out there stalking me
And it wants me cancerous

I'm complaining whining pining

Pondering this curse
But I go on, although declining
Shitting long-shat turds

Every weeknight

Everyday plight

(CH:) 2x

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